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LLP Activity Change

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CompaniesInn helped thousands of entrepreneurs to meet their day to day legal requirements. You can avail our services for  making changes in your LLP's activities.

Our expert team guide you how to go head and change activities of LLP. The service include;

  1. Free Consultation  - LLP Activity Change.
  2. Verification of documents for activity change.
  3. Suggestion to avoid any rejection of documents by Registrar.
  4. Amendment of LLP Agreement to effect change
  5. Filing and Registration

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LLP is a body corporate and can change activity by adding new one or deleting an existing one. The amendment shall be subject to procedures in the LLP agreement.  In all cases, procedure involve amendment to LLP Agreement. 

Other aspects of LLP activity change.

  1. New activity shall match with the name of LLP. Otherwise, registrar may not confirm new and altered LLP agreement filed for registration.
  2. NBFC activity is not allowed in LLP and hence, avoid such type of activities.

What is Activity of an LLP?

The business an LLP can do accordance to incorporation document(Form 2) and LLP agreement are the activities of an LLP.

How activities can be changed?

LLP can change activity as per the procedures in the LLP agreement.

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