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LLP Capital Change

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Capital Change and Profit Rights of Partners

In LLP economic right and management right are governed by LLP Agreement. LLP can change these rights by amending LLP Agreement either increase contribution of partner or change profit ratio.

Companiesinn can help you to change Capital /Profit ratio (economic rights). Our service cover.

  • Free Consulting - How to change capital of LLP
  • Verity LLP Agreement to see the procedures for making changes
  • Documentation for Change
  • Execution of Documents
  • Prepare forms for filing with Registrar
  • File and and register LLP Forms
  • Update LLP Agreement to reflect the changes

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Change of Contribution or Change in Profit Ratio

An LLP can change the LLP rights of partners by issuing further economic rights to the partners as per LLP agreement. After the change in LLP rights, LLP needs to file the required returns with the Registrar.


The Internal administration of an LLP is governed by the LLP Agreement. The procedures for issuing LLP rights differ from LLP to LLP as per LLP agreement.

The usual procedure for changes in LLP rights are:

  1. Partners meet to decide the changes in partners' rights either by increasing the contribution or by restructuring the profit sharing ratio or by amending the LLP agreement.
  2. Amendment to LLP agreement to incorporate the changes.
  3. Filing of required documents with the Registrar

How can LLP Rights be changed?

LLP Rights such as management rights and economic rights can be changed either by increasing contribution or by restructuring the profit sharing ratio or by amending the LLP Agreement.

What is the relation between the Management rights and Economic rights of an LLP?

Generally the partners of an LLP will have economic and management rights proportionate to their contribution. An LLP can assign these rights disproportionately among by specific provisions in LLP agreement.

Is it mandatory to have profit sharing ratio as per contribution?

The profit sharing ratio can be at any rate, disregarding the ratio of contribution. For example: The contribution of A is INR 99000 and Contribution of B is INR 1000. The profit sharing ratio between A and B can be 40:60. This must be specifically stated in the LLP agreement.

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