Company Registration Process

Company Registration Process

1.     RUN Name Reservation

A web-based application is to be filed for reserving the Company Name, if the name is to be reserved first before filing the documents.

The name approved under RUN Process is valid for a period of 20 days from the date of approval. Company Incorporation documents are to be filed within the validity period of Company Name.

2.     Preparation and Filing of Company Incorporation Documents with MCA:

Company Incorporation Process consists of preparation and filing of the flowing E-Forms:

a. e-Form INC-32 - Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe)

b. e-Form INC-33: e-Memorandum of Association (SPICe MoA)

c. e-Form INC-34: e-Articles of Association (SPICe AoA)

All the documents executed / notarised / attested as per documentation requirements has to be attached to the e-Form INC-32 / 33/ 34 and the e-Forms has to be digitally signed with the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of all the proposed shareholders / representatives.

There is NO Registration Fee payable for filing of e-Form INC-32 for all type of Companies if the authorised capital is less than or equal to Rs.10 Lakhs at the time of registration. However, filing fee for e-Form INC-33 / 34 and stamp duty is applicable for registration of any Company.

3.     Processing of e-Forms by the office of Central Registrar of Companies:

The Central Registration Centre (CRC) processes the application and if found the details / documents are in order, the Central Registrar of Companies shall register the Company and issue the following:

1.     Company Incorporation Certificate

2.     DIN for Directors

3.     Permanent Account Number (PAN)

4.     Tax Collection and Deduction Number (TAN) to the New Company. 

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Details and Documents:

Documents required for company registration under SPICe (a) directors PAN and address proof( bank statement/utility bills) (b) registered office address - ownership proof document

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Numbers (DIN)

The first step in registration of a company is to obtain Digital Signature Certificate for all the subscriber shareholders. Digital Signature Certificate can be obtained through Aadhar E-KYC process as well. Once Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is obtained, Director Identification Numbers (DIN) is to be obtained for all proposed directors. This involves filing a completed DIN application online along with supporting documents. For Indian nationals, a self-attested copies of the prospective director’s PAN card and any valid address proof; and for foreign nationals notarized copies of passport and valid address proofs are required.

Company Name Application

Application for Company name to be filed with Registrar of Companies. Name application should comply with Company Name Guidelines.

Memorandum and Articles documents:

The next step is executing the proposed company’s Memorandum of Association (eMOA), Articles of Association (eAOA) and any other prescribed promoters’ declarations. This is a crucial step in the company incorporation, requiring the utmost diligence. ensures there are no compromises or shortcomings in completing these formalities.

Submission to the Central Registrar of Companies (ROC):

The final step involves completion of company registration forms and their submission along with the above-mentioned documents to the ROC of respective state. The ROC shall register the documents and will issue the Certificate of Registration.