Conversion of Company into LLP

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LLP is the best business structure available in India for doing business. It is advisable for companies to convest itself into LLP without losing the benefits of existing business.

Conversion of Company into LLP

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An LLP has many advantages as compared to a company. Among the main benefits are lower tax liabilities and fewer compliance requirements. Under Section 56 of the LLP Act, a company (private limited or limited) can convert into LLP by complaining with the provision of Schedule III of the LLP Act.

Pre-request for Conversion of Company into LLP

Before stating the process of conversion of Company into LLP, one must look whether the company is eligible for conversion into LLP.

  • The company should be current and regular in filing prescribed documents with both, the Registrar of Companies and the Income Tax authorities.
  • The consent of all company’s shareholders must be obtained.
  • The company should not have any secured loans outstanding. Any outstanding secured loans should be cleared in full before applying for conversion.

Steps Conversion of Company into LLP

Financial Statement

Preparing a provisional balance sheet and all other prescribed documents. will help you with the preparation of necessary documents.

Name Application

Making an application for the desired LLP name. The proposed name must to the Company name replacing last words Private Limited with LLP

Documentation and Filing

Preparing, verifying and filing all the prescribed documents for conversion, with the Registrar of LLPs. The Registrar, after reviewing and verifying the application along with the appended documents, registers the new LLP and issues a Certificate of Incorporation.

Notice to Authorities.

Notifying changes to all concerned authorities and parties.

LLP Agreement

Preparing an LLP Agreement and filing a copy with the Registrar of LLPs.


Financial Statement

Prepare financial statement

Documents Required


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