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Company propose to raise capital by issue of shares shall offer the same to existing shareholders in the ratio of their holding. They have an option to renounce their right to any other person and the other person can become a shareholders in the company. Right Issue of Shares take into account this requirements.

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Right Issue of Shares Face Value

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Company propose to raise capital by issue of shares shall offering shares to existing members in proportion to their existing share holding. The object is to ensure equitable distribution of Shares and the proportion of voting rights is not affected by issue of Fresh shares.

The existing shareholder getting right can have the option to assign such right to other person or can waived or modified the right. Once he/she exercise right, he/she can't modify the right and board of director decide how to proceed. 

Company by passing a special resolution in General Meeting can alter this right and can offer share to anyone including existing shareholders. 

Who need this service?

Any company planning to issue shares to existing shareholders at premium can opt this service. The service have two part;

a. Offer of shares to existing shareholders

b. Issue of shares

Call Board Meeting for Offer of shares

The first step for issue of share at premium is call board meeting for issue of shares. At the meeting fix price and number of shares to be issued, offer date, closing date etc.

Sent Offer letter to shareholders and collect Application

After the Board meeting dispatch offer letter with application to existing shareholders. Collect all application within the offer period and make a list of proposed allottees.

Issue of Shares

Call board meeting for issue of shares and at the meeting pass resolution for issue of shares to eligible applicants.

File Return of Allotment with MCA

After board meeting file return of allotment in PAS-3 with respective registrar of companies.

Issue of share certificate

After allotment issue share certificate to existing allottees and make necessary entries in members register.


Documents Required

Filled application signed by shareholders/renouncee with renunciation letter if application. Also collect PAN and other information for making entries in the members register

List of Documents
  • Application for Issue of shares

  • PAN Card Copy New Shareholder


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How it works

  • First Board Meeting - Offer

  • Application for Right Issue

  • Board Meeting Issue of shares


Frequently Asked Questions on Right Issue of Shares Face Value

What is right issue?

Issue of shares to existing shareholders in the ratio of their holding is called as right issue

What is Premium Offer?

Issue of shares at a price above the face value of share is called premium offer. For example if the face value of share is Rs.10 and is offered for Rs.20, then Rs.10 is premium.

What is renunciation of issue?

The right to subscribe shares of a company is transferring to other person is called renunciation of issue

Whether Valuation Required?

No such requirement in Companies Act. But if shares are offered at premium Merchant Banker valuation is mandated under Income tax Act

What happen if shares are not fully subscribed?

Private company have the authority to dispose unsubscribed shares to any person at the discretion of Board

What will happen if shares issued without valuation?

Under Companies Act, 2013 no such requirements. But income tax act mandated to have valuation by Merchant Banker and if shares are issue without valuation, then premium may be classified as Income and tax will apply on company if issue of shares is to Indian shareholders.

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