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GST Registration

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Goods and Service Tax Registration

Government of India and all federal states introduced single value added tax system in India on 1st July, 2017. As per new indirect tax system, all existing indirect tax like Service Tax VAT etc merged to single tax system, i.e Goods and Service Tax. The new tax system is administered under Central Goods and Service Tax Act,2017 and respective state Goods and Service Tax Acts, rules framed under these legislations.

Registration Requirements

Section 22 of the Act mandate all suppliers of Goods and Services whose aggregate turnover exceeds 20 lakhs in any financial year shall liable to get registered under the act. Any other person can also opt voluntarily to get registered under GST even if his turnover less than 20 lakhs. But following persons shall register under the act even if his turnover less than 20 lakhs

  • Person making inter-state taxable supply
  • Casual taxable person
  • Person who required pay tax under reverse charge 
  • Electronic Commerce operator 
  • Non-resident person making taxable supply
  • Person required to deduct tax
  • Person who make taxable supply on behalf of other person
  • Input service distributor 
  • Person who required to collect tax at source other than e-commerce operator 
  • e-commerce operator
  • Person who is in data retrieval service from a place outside India
  • Such other class of person notified by Central Goverment

Companiesinn GST Registration Service

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  4. Registration

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Goods and Service Tax is the most important steps in the area a indirect tax reform in India. By introducing GST,  one market with single tax system introduced in India with single rate for a product.The idea of GST what first introduced in budget 2006-07. It was proposed to introduce in 2010 April. subsequently matter get delayed and finally on 1st July 2017 GST ruled out in India.

The features of GST

  1. GST apply to supply of Goods and services
  2. Tax on based on destination based consumption 
  3. It is a dual GST with central and state simultaneity  levying tax 
  4. Central will tax on inter-state supply of goods and service
  5. Import of Goods and Service attract tax like inter-state trade
  6. Tax rates and mutually agreed upon by Central and State 


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