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Many case promoters of LLP droop business idea before even starting anothing. Some time they spend money on idea but could not succeeded. This may lead an LLP to the states of dormant. Such LLP need closure without much difficulty .

Closing and Dormant LLP

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide notification dated 16th May, 2017 has relaxed the rules for filing the application for closure of defunct LLP.

As per the notification, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) which is not carrying on any business or operation for a period of one year or more can make an application to the Registrar with the consent of all partners of the LLP for striking off the name of LLP from the MCA Register without filing the overdue returns in Form 8 and 11 subject to certain conditions.

The LLP shall have to file overdue returns in Form 8 and Form 11 up to the end of the financial year in which the LLP ceased to carry on its business or commercial operations before filing.

In case the LLP has not filed the initial LLP Agreement with the Registrar, a copy of the initial LLP agreement, along with changes thereof must be furnished to the Registrar in cases where the LLP has not commenced business or commercial operations since its incorporation.

For this purpose, ‘the date of cessation of commercial operation’ is the date from which the LLP ceased to carry on its revenue generating business. The transactions such as receipt of money from debtors or payment of money to creditors, after such cessation will not form part of revenue generating business.

Prior to the notification, the office of Registrar of Companies used to insist the filing of all the overdue returns such as Form 8 and 11 as pre-condition for filing the application for closure. Filing overdue returns for the past years involves payment of Lakhs of Rupees as additional fee and penalties. This notification is a great relief to the entrepreneurs who have started their venture as LLP and has not started the business operations or those who have stopped the business due to various reasons.

Procedures for Closing Dormant LLP

Preparation of Statement of Accounts

Closing of LLP start with preparation of statement of account which reflect nil assets and liabilities.

Closure Documents

Next step is preparing closure documents such and consent to close LLP, indemnity bond and affidavit. These documents will be accompanied with application for closing

Filing with MCA

After execution of all documents required for closing LLP, alone with application documents are filed with respective registrar of companies for approval

Monitoring of Filed Documents

Since, closure of LLP is least priority item in MCA, usually it will take 6 months to complete process. In between, we may get clarification query from registrar asking for further documents/clarification.

Final Closing

If all documents are in order and no further clarification from MCA, matter will put for advertisement in MCA website for any public comments. After completion of period for advertisement, ROC will close LLP and in the master data, status of LLP will be changed to strike off


LLP should not have carried on its business or commercial operations for a period of one year or more.

A statement of account disclosing nil assets and nil liabilities made up to a date not earlier than thirty days of the date of filing certified by a Chartered Accountant should be submitted.

LLP should not have any liabilities and assets.

LLP should not have any active Bank Account. In case the Bank account was opened, the same must be closed and a certificate(s) or statement from bank stating the closure of Bank Account to be provided.

All the Partners should consent for filing the application.

All Designated partners shall have to execute an affidavit and Indemnity Bond agreeing to indemnify any liability that may arise after striking off its name from the Register.

Copy of the latest Income-tax return filed by the LLP, if the LLP has carried out any business and has filed such return

Documents Required

Bank Statement and Last Year Filing

Before closing, an LLP bank account opended in each bank shall be closed. Also request for a closure letter from bank for future referacne

Closing Documents
  • Last filing details

  • Bank Statement


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Frequently Asked Questions on Close Inoperative LLP

Eligibility for Closing

Minimum one year has elapsed after incorporation of the LLP for making application for striking off the name of the LLP.

Is LLP required to File all returns before filing application for closing the LLP

If LLP started operation and stopped in between, all returns shall be filed till the date of operation of the LLP. Otherwise, LLP can opt for closure without filing returns.

Whether LLP need to file Income tax returns before filing closure application.

In case business is started and stopped in between, LLP shall file all Income tax returns till the date of operation. LLPs not started operation can file closure application without filing returns.

Once closure application is filed whether Return need to be filed?

No, once closure application is filed no need to file any returns

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