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Partners of an LLP may come and go but LLP will cotinute. But change in partners need compliance of procedures subject to LLP agreement. Partner change in an LLP happen, upon death of a partner, resignation, transfer of rights etc. Avail partner change service from Companiesinn

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Overview - Partner Change - Admission, Resignation or Death

LLP partner change services for compliance of change in partners of LLP, partners many change upon death, resignation or transfer

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LLP's partners many change if any of the event happen;

  1. Admission of New Partner without transfer or without transfer of partnership rights
  2. Resignation of a partner
  3. Death of a Partner
  4. Removal of Partner

Admission of New Partner

LLP may admit new partner in the LLP by diluting their profit rights or some of the partner transfer his right to new partner. For example A & B are partner holding 50% rights in the LLP and if C is admitted by giving 20% rights, new ratio will be 40%, 40% and 20%. Otherwise, if B transfer 20% of this rights to C then new ratio will be 50%,30% and 20%. Both case documentation are different.

Resignation of a Partner

If a partner resign from LLP subject to provision of LLP agreement, is entitled to receive amount contributed to the capital of LLP and share of accumulated profit after deducting accumulated losses if any.

Death of Partner

In the event of death of partner, legal representatives of deceased partner is entitled to receive mount contributed to the capital of LLP and share of accumulated profit after deducting accumulated losses if any. 

Removal of a Partner

Partners of an LLP can remove another partner subject to the provisions of LLP agreement if provided. 

In all above four cases, compliance of regulation and filing with ROC is required to effect the changes.

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Change LLP Partner - Requirements

Online Document Creation

Partners Meeting

Execution of Documents


Procedures - LLP Partner Change

Verify Partner Change Situation

Our expert team will verify parter change situation to see which procedure need to be followed for making proper compliance.

LLP Agreement

Study present LLP agreement for finalizing steps to effect partner changes.

Partners Meeting

Call partners meeting for approving documents such as partner admission agreement, transfer of partnership rights agreement and revised LLP agreement.

Filing of Changes with Registrar of Companies

After obtaining executed documents from partners, respective forms to be filed with ROC

Documents Required

New Partner as Designated Partner

If new partner is admitted as designated partner, his DIN need to be obtained by filing below documents. DIN filing need digital signature.

List of Documents

  1. PAN copy self attached
  2. Address proof self attached
  3. Digital signature application.

Existing LLP Agreement

Since, LLP is governed by LLP agreement, present LLP agreement need detailed study to identify steps involved for partners change

New partner as Designatd Partner

If New partner is admitted as Designated Partner, then DIN number to be obtained by filing necessary documents

Executed Partner Admission/Transfer documents

Admission of new partner or resignation amount to amendment to LLP agreement.

Faq - Change LLP Partner

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