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Shop and Establishment Registration is mandatory for every establishment in Karnataka where Factories Act registration is not compulsory. Every business irrespective of nature of structure need to take this registration. There are some exemptions to this rule.

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Shop and Establishment Registration Karnataka

Shops and Establishment is to provide for the regulation of conditions of work and employment in shops and commercial establishments. By this law it is intended to promote industrial peace and welfare of the employees. The Department of Labour in the state level is administering this law.

Shop means any premises where any trade or business is carried on or where services are rendered to customers and establishment will include commercial or trading or banking or insurance establishment in which person employed are mainly engaged in office work. All most all kinds of establishments will fall under the purview of this act.

Within 30 days from the date of commencement of work the employer of every establishment shall register under this act and in case of closure, the same has to be communicated to the authorities within 15 days from the closing of the establishment.

By this the department of Labour regulate the working hours, opening and closing hours, holidays, overtime work, young person and women, prohibiting the employment of children, leave such as annual leave, maternity leave, casual leave etc. rule relating to employment and termination, maintaining the registers and records, display of notices, obligation of employer and employee etc.

Registration Fee – Shops and Establishment Registration Karnataka

No. of Employees
Fees (Rs.)

No Employees


1 to 9 Employees


10 to 19 Employees


20 to 49 Employees


50 to 99 Employees


100 to 250 Employees


251 to 500 Employees


501 to 1000 Employees


Above 1000 Employees


Application in Form A

The employer need to file an application in specified from (FROM A) with the inspector having jurisdiction in the area with following information; (a) The name of the employer and the manager, if any, (b) The address of the establishment, (c) The name, if any, of the establishment, (d) Number of employees in the establishment and (e) Such other particulars as may be prescribed.

Clarification and Registration

Submit clarifications if required with registration authority. After verification of the correctness of the details and documents submitted, the Inspector shall register the establishment and shall issue a registration certificate to the employer.The registration certificate shall be prominently displayed at the establishment. In Kartataka, Shops and Commercial Establishments certificate shall be initially issued for a period of five years and shall be renewed before the expiry of the period of registration certificate on payment of prescribed fee.


Employees Details

Entity need to prepare a list of present employees as on the date of application if any and shall be enclosed with the application.


Signed online application with all required documents shall be filed with the application

Documents Required

  • Proprietor / Managing Partner/ Directors Photo

  • Address proof for the establishment /shop (Rental /lease agreement etc.)

  • Identity Proof of the owner/ authorised signatory (PAN card/ Driving license/Voter Card etc.)

  • Statutory Documents (Partnership deed/BBMP trade License/Incorporation Certificate /Memorandum of Article)

  • Authorisation letter for Authorised signatory / self attestation Letter for Owner

  • Challan /Payment Receipt /Transaction Receipt

  • Duly filled Registration Form signed by owner / Authorised signatory


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Frequently Asked Questions on Shop & Establishment

Who need to Register?

Every establishment which is not come under the definition of factory shall register under shop and establishment act.

Companies not having employees need this registration?

Yes, all companies/LLPs/partnership firm whether they have employees or not need registration

What is the duration of registration?

Under karnataka law, it is for a period of 5 years. Thereafter, need renewal

What is a Shop?

Shop means any premises where any trade or business is carried on or where services are rendered to customers, and includes offices, storerooms, godowns, or warehouses, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with such trade or business, but does not include a commercial establishment or a shop attached to a factory where the Factories Act, 1948 is applicable.

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