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Company Name Change

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Change of Company Name

A Limited Company is being identified by a name. A registered company can change its name whenever it wants to. The selection of Company Name should be in accordance with the Guidelines of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Trademark Registry. The Change of Name of a company requires approval from the Shareholders of the company and the Registrar of Companies.

Reasons for Company Name Change

  1. Change of business activity of the company.
  2. Change to reflect brand name of the company.
  3. Change as per government order.

Similar to incorporation of a company, name selection is critical for completing the process of company name change. Select the name carefully considering its availability. The factors that support name changes are registered trademark or pending application for trademark. The proposed name must also be unique.

Company Name Change Process

  • Board Meeting to be conducted for discussing the need to change name.
  • File application for new name approval.
  • Obtain approval of name from the ROC.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders should be conducted for approval of the proposed name by shareholders.
  • Prepare Minutes of Meetings and get document verified by professionals.
  • File necessary documents for registration of name change.
  • ROC shall register the documents and issue a new Certificate of Incorporation
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The turnaround time depends on the ROC office of various states. In some states, it can be closed in 2 weeks and a maximum of 3- 4 weeks after receipt of documents. The critical part of name change is getting approval for the new name from the ROC. Once the name is approved, other documents can be filed for approval.

What is Company Name Guidelines?

Allotment of name, including name allotment for company name change, should be in line with Name Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

How does the Company make an application for Company Name Change?

A director of the company can make an application for change of name by filling FormINC-1 at the MCA website. The application must be filled correctly, taking into account all requirements.

Who will approve the Name Change?

The Registrar of Companies in the respective states has the authority to approve the name change. Please note that before filing for the name change, one must ensure that the company should have filed all documents including balance sheet, etc. of the previous years.

Will the Registrar of Companies issue the name change certificate?

Yes, the Registrar of Companies issues a fresh certificate incorporating the name change after approval of all documents.

When will the Company Name Change become effective?

The name change will be effective from the date of issue of fresh certificate of Incorporation by the Registrar of Companies.

What should the Company do after the name change?

The company should make changes in the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, Company Name Board, Letter Heads and seals after name change process. Also the Company has to take necessary steps to effect the change of Company Name in its Bank Accounts and all its statutory registration such as PAN, TAN, Service Tax Registration, VAT Registration etc.

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