Company Annual Filing

Every company registered under Companies Act is required to file certain returns with the registrar of companies annually. These yearly filings are mandatory for every registered Company whether the Company carries on business or not. Company Annual Filings refers to the filing of Audited Annual Financial Accounts of the Company (Form AOC-4) Annual Return of Company (Form MGT-7) with Registrar of Companies.

Company Annual Filing

Company Annual Filing

Every Company registered under Companies Act is required to file their returns with the Registrar of Companies annually.

Company Annual Filings refers to the filing of Audited Annual Financial Accounts of the Company along with Directors Report and Annual Return of Company with Registrar of Companies. These yearly filings are mandatory for every registered Company whether the Company carries on business or not.

1. Annual Financial Accounts

The annual financial statements shall be filed in accordance with the format and accounting standards prescribed and give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company. The company shall also consolidate the financials of its subsidiary and associates including that of foreign, if they have any.

The financial statement after being duly adopted shall be filed along with the Board’s Report in Form AOC-4 within 30 days of the AGM. However, an OPC shall file their financials by 27th September (180 days from closure of financial year). Companies falling under the ambit of secretarial audit shall attach the report in Form MR-3 along with the Board’s Report wherever applicable.

Certain classes of companies are required to report the financials in XBRL form. Such companies which have filed their financials in XBRL format shall continue to report in same format, though they do not fall under such class of companies in the following years.

2. Annual Return

Annual return containing specified information as per audited financials and other information shall be filed within 60 days of the AGM. The annual return shall be certified by a company secretary in practice in Form MGT-8 if it is applicable.

Company Annual Filing Process

Preparation of Final Accounts

Prepare the final accounts for the financial year ended for board’s approval.

Auditing of accounts

Get the accounts audited by the statutory auditor of the company.

Preparation of Directors Report

Prepare Board’s Report with specified information.

Convene Board Meeting

Convene Board Meeting for to approve the accounts, Board’s Report and issue notice to the shareholders along with audited accounts, board’s report, secretarial audit report.

Convene AGM

Convene AGM and pass resolution approving final accounts and other ordinary / special business (if any).

Preparation of Minutes

Prepare minutes of Board meeting and AGM and get it vetted by professionals.

Filing of AOC-4

File the financial statements with ROC in form AOC-4 within 30 days of AGM with Financial statements along with audit report, Board’s report


Preparation of Annual Financial Accounts

Audit by Chartered Accountant

Preparation of Directors Report

Convene AGM

Filing of AOC-4

Filing of MGT-7

Documents Required

Annual Financial Accounts

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Accounts

  • Audit of Accounts by CA

  • Preparation of Directors Report

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Ordinary Business Items for AGM

  • Special Business Items for AGM (Other than Ordinary Items)

  • Draft Resolutions / Explanatory Statements for AGM Notice

  • Deliver Notice of AGM in time (21 days or as per Articles)

  • Convene AGM, Pass the resolutions and prepare Minutes

Annual Return (Form MGT-7)

  • Preparation of Form MGT-9 (Abstract of Annual Return as part of Directors Report)

  • List of Shareholders and Transfers to be attached to Annual Return

  • Annual Return to be Certified by Practising Company Secretary (All Companies other than OPC and Small Company)

  • Annual Return - Form MGT-7 to be filed with ROC within 60 days of AGM


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  • Preparation of final accounts and appointment of secretarial auditor

  • Auditing of Accounts

  • Preparation of Board’s Report

  • Approval of Accounts and Boards Report by the Board

  • Convening of AGM and getting approval from shareholders.

  • Filing of Financials and Annual Return with ROC.


Frequently Asked Questions on Company Annual Filing

What is Annual Report?

Annual report is a compilation of Director’s Report, Auditor’s Report, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts and Annual Return, Secretarial audit report, if any.

Company Annual Filing












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