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Benefts of One Person e Company

Private Limited company is the most common business structure. It is the most accepted business organization. Private company is incorporated under Companies Act,2013. Now company incorporation is centralized and normal time for registering a company is one day after submission of documents.

Major Benefts if Private Limited
  • Single Person: Traditionally, to incorporate a company two person required. But after introduction Companies Act,2013, single individual can incorporate a company with sole member.
  • Limited Liability: Incorporated business has the benefits of limited liability i.e the liability of owners limited to the shares taken the capital of a company. Since, OPC company is an incorporated business structure, the liability of sole shareholders is limited to the shares taken in the capital of the company.
  • Perpetual Existence : Another benefits of OPC company are irrespective of changes in the shareholder, company will continue till winding up under the regulations. This give more confidence to the people who deal with the company.
  • Separate Personality : Private Company is a separate person for all purpose. Up on incorporation, company become an artificial person with the power to hold assets, can borrow money. A company can be sued and be sued.
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OPC Registration Process We Follow

Simple Online Ordering

Company Registration is simple process. Fill above form and you will be directed to package page based on the place of incorporation.

Select respective package i.e, Basic, Standard and Professional. Basic package cover Company Registration online documents such as Memnorandum of Association, Artilces of Associations and all documents required under respective rules.

Online Interview

Not like others, we have a unique system for incorporation of company. With years of experience and technical knowhow, we have created a unique e-lawyering platform.

Your Order re-direct to our online document assembling system, wherein customers only need to fill the interview from one by one. After filling information, document assembling is ready to execute. By clicking on to each document link, all incorporation document can be generated.

Key takeaways of Interview
  • Generation of Document without mistake
  • 10 Minutes to create all document
  • Avail our Back office support


Customs have two option for payment. Buy documents with is just Rs.299 for private company. All incorporation document ready for filing can be downloaded. Our document execution guide also available. The only requirement is to get relevant attestations to the forms by professional.

Other option is pay for the service, our backoffice team will file the documents and get the company Incorporated.

Since, company incorporation is made centralized in Indian, we are incorporating company in one day.

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