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Company Registration in Mumbai is an online process with Companiesinn. With over 11 years experience in online company registration in Mumbai with an affordable rate to startups, we have helped more than 20000 startups across India.

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Overview - Company Registration Mumbai

Company Registration in Mumbai is 100% online process with Companiesinn. Most popular incorporated business structure in India is a Private Limited Company. Registering a Private Limited Company in Mumbai has many benefits compared with other business structures like limited liability, perpetual succession, acceptance are more.

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Company Registration in Mumbai

Company is the most trusted and visible business structure in India. A Private Limited Company in India is registered under the Companies Act 2013 with limited liability.

Mumbai, also known as Bombay is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Mumbai is the second largest populated city in India after Delhi and the seventh most populated city in the world.

Mumbai is the financial, commercial, and entertainment capital of India. It is also one of the world's top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow.

Important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India, the SEBI are headquartered in Mumbai.

Mumbai is the homeland of corporate headquarters of large Indian companies and multinational corporations. It is also home to some of India's premier scientific and nuclear institutes like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Indian Rare Earths, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Atomic Energy Commission of India, Department of Atomic Energy and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

Registrar of Companies Mumbai and Pune.

In the State of Maharashtra, there are 2 offices of Registrar of Companies at Mumbai and Pune.

RoC Mumbai is having jurisdiction over districts such as Akola, Amravati, Aurangabad, Beed, Bhandara, Buldhana, Chandrapur, Dhule, Gadchiroli, Gondia, Hingoli, Jalgaon, Jalna, Latur, Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Nagpur, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nashik, Osmanabad, Palghar, Parbhani, Raigad, Thane, Wardha, Washim and Yavatmal.

RoC Pune is having jurisdiction over districts such as Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Pune, Ratnagiri, Sangli, Satara, Sindhudurg and Sholapur

Company Registration Mumbai

Company Registration in Mumbai is an online process with Companiesinn. With over 11 years experience  in online company registration in Mumbai with an affordable rate to startups, we have helped more than 20000 startups across India. Now with the help of our online order processing tool, we make registration of company in mumbai and anywhere in Mumbai more affordable and accessible to every aspiring entrepreneur at the comfort of your home.

Company registration in Mumbai is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013, and administered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Registrar of Companies, Mumbai  and is processed at the Central Registration Centre (CRC).

Central Registration Centre (CRC)

Today, company registration process in mumbai and other regulatory filings are paperless; documents are filed electronically through the MCA website and is processed at the Central Registration Centre (CRC).

Company Registration process in Mumbai is completely online. Upon completing all registration formalities, the Registrar of Companies’ issues a digitally signed Certificate of Incorporation (COI). Electronic certificates issued by the ministry can be verified by all stakeholders on the MCA website itself.

Incorporating a company in Mumbai is a systematic process of collection and submission of details required as per the requirements of Companies Act 2013 and as per the process defined by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from time to time. Management of the process requires in-depth knowledge of legal requirements and not to mention, practical experience of the same.

Requirements for Company Registration in Mumbai

There are certain prerequisites to registering  a company in mumbai in . Requirements and process of registration of company in mumbai depends on the type of company, These are minimum shareholders and directors, etc for different types of Companies. 

Basic requirements for company registration in Mumbai are given below:

1. Shareholders

To register a Private Company in mumbai, there should be a minimum of two shareholders. The first shareholder(s) should execute the Memorandum and Articles of Association for registering the Company.

2. Directors

A Private Company should have a minimum of two directors Only individuals can be designated as directors of a company. Where a new company is registered by two or more existing companies or LLPs, the promoter company or LLP can nominate individuals as directors of the new company. An individual should hold a valid DIN to become a director of a company.

3. Digital Signature Certificate

All filings including are made through the MCA online application system, appended with a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

4. Company Name

The name structure of a private company is Name (Noun/Coined Word) + Activity Word + Private Limited. For eg. Companiesinn Solutions Private Limited.  Proposed Company Name shall comply with the Company Name Availability Guidelines under Companies Act 2013

You can check the company name availability in mumbai and make sure there is no Company or LLP name already registered the same or similar name that you propose. 

How to select  a Company Name in Mumbai? : Selection of a company or LLP is the most unpredictable task in the process of starting a company and LLP. Naming of a Business by a promoter is a logical decision and approval of the name by the office of the Registrar of Companies is a legal decision. 

How to select a Company or LLP Name in Mumbai is a logical process an entrepreneur has to carry out before starting the process of Company Registration in Mumbai

5. Share Capital

The term Share Capital in a Company means the amount invested by the owners of the company for running the business.

There is no minimum capital (Authorised or Paid up Capital) requirement for registering a company. However, the registration fee payable to the Registrar of companies depends on the different slabs of Authorised capital of the company.

6. Registered Office Address of Company

Registered Office of Company in Mumbai refers to the official correspondence address of a company or its principal place of business. The address of the Registered Office will be used for all official communications of the company.

7. Commencement of Business by Company in Mumbai

The First Shareholders must bring the subscribed capital to the Company within 180 days of Company Incorporation. The Company can commence the business activities only after filing a declaration to the Registrar that every subscriber to the memorandum has paid the value of the shares agreed to be taken by him.

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Company Registration - Mumbai - Requirements

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Filing of Company Registration Documents with MCA

Verification by the Central Registrar of Companies (CRC)

The CRC verifies the application and ishall register the Company and will issue the Company Incorpor

Company Registration Process in Mumbai

Company Name Application

The applicant has two options to proceed with Company Name Application.

Option 1. Get the Company Name Approval under RUN Application process and proceed with File an application for Company name approval first and then go for Company Registration; or

Option 2. File the Integrated Company Registration Form.

The Company name can be reserved through SPICe incorporation process. In case of name application through SPICe form, only one name can be submitted for approval. However, if the first applied name is rejected, the application can be resubmitted 2 more times with alternate names.

Preparation and Filing of Company Incorporation Documents in Mumbai with MCA:

Under the SPICe incorporation process, Company Incorporation Process in Mumbai consists of preparation and filing of the flowing E-Forms:

a. e-Form INC-32 - Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe)

b. e-Form INC-33: e-Memorandum of Association (SPICe MoA)

c. e-Form INC-34: e-Articles of Association (SPICe AoA)

All the documents executed / notarised / attested as per documentation requirements has to be attached to the e-Form INC-32 / 33/ 34 and the e-Forms has to be digitally signed with the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of all the proposed shareholders / representatives.

There is NO Registration Fee payable for filing of e-Form INC-32 for all types of Companies in Mumbai if the authorised capital is less than or equal to Rs.15 Lakhs at the time of registration. However, filing fee for e-Form INC-33 / 34 and stamp duty is applicable for registration of any Company.

Processing of e-Forms by the office of Central Registrar of Companies - Mumbai

The Central Registration Centre (CRC) processes the application and if found the details / documents are in order, the Central Registrar of Companies shall register the Company and issue the following:

Company Incorporation Certificate

DIN for Directors

Permanent Account Number (PAN)

Tax Collection and Deduction Number (TAN) to the New Company.

Documents Required

Documents Required for Company Registration in Mumbai

To get the Company registered in Mumbai, you need to provide below documents. The documents can be submitted through online

ID & Address from Directors and Shareholders

Shareholders and Directors have to submit Identity Proof and Latest address proof

Acceptable Documents

  1. Primary ID - Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  2. Additional ID - Aadhaar Card or Driving License
  3. Latest Address Proof: Telephone Bill or Voter Identity Card or Passport or Electricity Bill or Bank Statement or Bank Passbook with latest entries
Documents to be Signed by all SHAREHOLDERS

  1. Application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  2. Declaration by Subscribers & Director: INC-9
Documents to be Signed by all DIRECTORS

  1. Consent to Act as Director: Form DIR-2
  2. Details/Information for DIN
  3. Declaration of DIN (If DIN is allotted already)
Registered Office – Address

  1. No-Objection Letter from the owner of the Property
  2. Address Proof – Electricity bill
Additional Documents

The following documents are required on a case to case basis:

  1. NOC for Use of Name from Trademark owner
  2. Resolution and NOC from an existing Company / LLP for user of similar names Declaration for complying sectoral regulatory compliance
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You will get a comprehensive list of services for Company Registration in Mumbai with registrations certificates and primary documents requirements to start the business with peace of mind.

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Advantages of Company Registration Mumbai

Better Business Credibility and Acceptance

Private Limited Company is the most credible and accepted business organization across the business world as its structure is well known to the business community and public.

Ease of attracting Customers and Vendors

Private Limited Company can attract more Customers. Also, Corporate customers, Vendors and. Agencies prefer to work with a Private Limited Company than a Partnerships or Proprietorship.

Ease of Fund Raising from Investors

Private Limited Company is the best business model for attracting investments from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Investors. The investor community prefer Private limited Company for funding than LLP. OPC cannot raise funds from t

Preferred Business Structure for Investor

Investors will always prefer Private limited Company as the shareholding structure of Private Limited Company is directly connected with the Equity / Preference share investments.

Ease of attracting Employees

Talented workforce prefer to work with organised business setups. It is easy for Private Limited Company to attract and retain technically talented workforce with structured Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP).

Limited Risks for Business Liability

A Private Limited Company is a limited liability organization. The shareholders liability is limited to the extent of shares held in the company and ends once he pays for the share. In case of proprietorship and partnership, the proprietor and partners h

Protection of Personal Assets to owners

Since the liability of owners is limited, their personal assets are protected against business risk as the company's liability is not the owner's liability. Shareholders and Directors of Private limited Company are not personally responsible for busines

Faq - Company Registration - Mumbai

Minimum Number of 2 Shareholder and 2 Directors required for registering a Private Limited Company
Shareholders could be Individuals, Companies or LLPs, but only individuals can become directors of the company.
Directors Identification Number (DIN) is an identification number issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, to Directors of a company or Designated Partners of an LLP.
New DIN will be allotted to a Director / Designated Partner while registering a Company or LLP. Also, an Company / LLP can apply for a DIN for a proposed Director / Designated Partner.
MOA is the charter document of a company. A company is created by registering a memorandum. MOA contains the name of a company, the state in which the registered office of the company is located, objectives, and its authorised capital. The MOA will be subscribed by the initial promoters of the company in their own handwriting. They will also have to write their name, father's name, residential address, occupation and the number of shares they agree to subscribe in the company. The MOA should also bear the signature of the witness who knows the subscribers.
AOA contains rules and regulations for the management of a company's internal affairs and conduct of its business. It defines the relationship of company between its members and directors and relation between members and directors. It also describes powers of directors. Further, the AOA describes the rights and duties of its members as well as the duties and responsibilities of its directors. In case of a private limited company, the AOA will contain the restrictions of transfer of shares, if any. Also, AOA usually contains the names of the first directors of a company. The AOA will be subscribed by the initial promoters of the company in their own handwriting. Promoters will have to write their names, father's name, residential address, and occupation. The AOA should also bear the signature of the witness who knows the subscribers.
A digital signature is a type of asymmetric cryptography used to simulate the security properties of a handwritten signature on paper. Digital signature schemes normally give two algorithms, one for signing that involves the user's secret or private key, and one for verifying signatures that involves the user's public key. Digital signatures have often confused with scanned copies of a physical written signature, which do not have any legal backing for authentication of electronic documents.
Registered Office refers to the official correspondence address of a company or its principal place of business. The address of the Registered Office will be used for all official communications of the company. The company shall affix the name and address of its registered office outside every office or place of business in a prominent position. Also, the name and address of its registered office should be mentioned in its business letters, bills and other official publications.
Registered Office of the company can be shifted from one place to another in the same state or from one state to another after complying with legal requirements.
The details of subscribers to the MOA & AOA cannot be amended or changed at any point of time during the life of the company, as it constitutes the document giving birth to a company. Subsequent changes in the shareholding or directorship of the company should be reflected in its internal records and will not affect the subscriber details in the MOA & AOA
Authorised Capital or Registered Capital of a company is the upper limit of capital that a company can issue shares and collect money from shareholders. Company registration fee is payable to ROC and will be calculated on the basis of Authorised Capital. There is no requirement as to minimum Authorised Capital for registration of Company.
Paid up capital of a company refers to the amount of capital actually brought in by the shareholders to the company. Now there is no minimum subscription capital for company registration. The subscription capital shall be brought within 180 days from the date of company registration.
Subscribed capital refers to the amount of capital agreed to be brought in by the shareholders to the company. No minimum capital prescribed
CIN is the number allotted to a company registered in India by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. CIN is a 21-digit number that contains the information such as status (listed / unlisted), NIC code of business activity, state of registration, year of registration, private or public and the sequential registration number in the respective state (for example, U74110KA2008PTC046914)
Private company cannot accept deposits from the public. However, it can accept loans and deposits only from its shareholders, directors and directors' relatives subject to conditions.
Every company shall file commencement of business with Registrar within 180 days from the date of incorporation. Before filing commencement of business, all subscribers shall bring subscription capital into companies' account.

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