Company Registration - Requirements of Registered Office Address

Company Registration - Requirements of Registered Office Address

Registered Office refers to the official correspondence address of a company or its principal place of business. The address of the Registered Office will be used for all official communications of the company.

Registered Office of the company can be shifted from one place to another in the same state or from one state to another after complying with legal requirements.The company shall affix the name and address of its registered office outside every office or place of business in a prominent position. Also, the name and address of its registered office should be mentioned in its business letters, bills and other official publications.

While registering a new Company, there are Two options to record the Registered Office Address:

1. Temporary Address:

Use an address as Temporary Registered Office for Registration and to file the Permanent Address documents within 30 days of Company Registration.

2. Permanent Address:

Use a Permanent Address for the Company at the time of Registration itself and in this case, there is no filing required after the Registration of the Company.

In both the cases, the address refereed on the registration forms shall be recorded in the Certificate of Registration. Any change in address after the Company Registration will not be reflected on the Certificate of Incorporation.

The registered office address need not necessarily be commercial address to register the Company. It could be residential address of any of the shareholders or directors or any other person.

Documents required for Registered Office Address

1. Temporary Address

Being it is an address to be used for 30 days from the date of Incorporation, any document showing the temporary address can be submitted as the proof of address along with a letter of No-Objection from the holder of address proof.

2. Permanent Address

The following document are required to support the Permanent Address at the time of registration or to file permanent address within 30 days of Incorporation.

A. If the Address is owned individuals - Directors / Shareholders / Another Person

a. Copy of Electricity Bill of the registered office address premises.

b. No-Objection letter from the Owner of Address (whose name is refereed in the Electricity Bill) to use the address ad Registered office of the Company. If the address in the Electricity Bill is incomplete, additional documents such as Aadhaar Card / Driving Licence / Passport / Voter ID in name of the Owner with complete address of the premises should also be provided.

B. If the Address is owned another Company / LLP

Any of the following document proving the ownership of address:

a. Board Resolution authorising the use of address as registered office of the company
b. Copy of Electricity

C. If the Address is owned by a third party and leased to the Virtual /Shared Office Service Provider

Any of the following document proving the ownership of address: (Owner of Premises)

a. Valid Rental / Lease Agreement in favour of Virtual /Shared Office Service Provider with specific powers to sublease / issue NOC letters for use of premise address as Registered office address under Companies Act / LLP Act.

b. No-Objection letter issued by the Virtual /Shared Office Service Provider. If the Virtual /Shared Office Service Provider is a company / LLP, Board Resolution / Power of Attorney delegating the powers to the signatory to issue No-Objection Letter for use of address as registered office of the company.

c. Electricity Bill

D. If the Address is rented by the new Company (Only in case of registrations complete with Temporary Address)

If address / premise is rented by the New company after registration, the following documents are required:

a. Notarized copy of Rent Agreement

b. Copy of Rent paid receipt

c. Copy of Electricity Bill or Tax Paid Receipt in the name of the Owner

If the address is already rented by the shareholders / directors of the proposed company, the rental agreement in the name of the shareholders / directors shall not be accepted as the address proof. In such cases, the documents are required as per Para 2.B or 2.C above.

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