Requirements for Company Registration

Requirements for Company Registration

There are some pre-requisites to register a company. These are minimum shareholders and directors, etc. Before starting the process, keep in mind the pre-requisites for company registration as given below:


To register a Private Company, there should be a minimum of two shareholders and for Public Company it is seven. The first shareholder should execute the Memorandum and Articles of Association for registering the Company.


A Private Company should have a minimum of two directors and a Public Company should have minimum three directors. Only individuals can be designated as directors of a company. Where a new company is registered by two or more existing companies or LLPs, the promoter company or LLP can nominate individuals as directors of the new company. An individual should hold a valid DIN to become a director of a company.

Director Identification Number (DIN):

DIN is an identification number allotted by the MCA. A DIN can be obtained by the proposed Director of a Company while filing the incorporation documents validated by professionals. An Indian National should have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted by the Income Tax Department to obtain a DIN. In case of Non-Indian Nationals, copy of passport is mandatory for obtaining the DIN.

Digital Signature Certificate:

All filing including DIN applications are made through the MCA online application system, appended with a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). One of the Director Designate should have a valid digital signature to submit online applications for Company Registration.

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