Shops and Commercial Establishments Registration

Shops and Commercial Establishments Registration

Shop and Establishment Registration

Shop and Establishment Registration is mandatory for every establishment in Karnataka where Factories Act registration is not compulsory. Every business irrespective of nature of structure need to take this registration. There are some exemptions to this rule.

Shops and Commercial Establishments Act and Rules are State specific labour law regulations that provides for the regulation of conditions of work and employment in shops and commercial establishments in a State.

These regulations cover conditions of work and employment such as daily and weekly hours of work of an employee, extra wages for overtime work, spread over of daily work time, interval for rest during work hours, opening and closing hours, weekly holidays, annual leave with wages, wages during leave period, prohibition of employment of children, prohibition of employment of women and young persons during night. Every state in India has its own regulations the conditions of employment.

Within 30 days from the date of commencement of work the employer of every establishment shall register under this act and in case of closure, the same has to be communicated to the authorities within 15 days from the closing of the establishment.

An application must be submitted to the labour Inspector of the area concerned with requisite fee along with the following details:

  • the name and registration details of the establishment
  • the postal address of the establishment;
  • the name of the employer and the manager, if any;
  • such other particulars as may be prescribed by the respective state.

After verification of the correctness of the details and documents submitted, the Inspector shall register the establishment and shall issue a registration certificate to the employer.

The registration certificate issued by the Inspector of Shops and Commercial Establishments shall be prominently displayed at the establishment.

The registration certificate has to be renewed periodically as per the respective state regulations.

Shop and Establishment Registration

It is mandatory for every business such as Company / LLP / Partnership and Proprietorship to register under Shops and Establishment Rules Within 30 days from the date of commencement of work