LLP Agreement

LLP Agreement means a written agreement between the partners of the LLP or between the LLP and its partners which determines the mutual rights and duties of the partners and their rights and duties in relation to LLP

Commencement of Business by Company

Commencement of Business by Company

Accounting and Audit

Accounting is the process of recording all business transactions, following applicable accounting rules and standards. Audit of accounts is the process examining the financial situation of a business entity and to ensure the compliance in reporting s..

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Both companies and LLPs should follow the ‘double entry’ system to maintain their respective books of accounts. However, the method of recording entries differs; companies are required to use the ‘accrual’ method, while LLPs can choose betwee..

Registrar of Companies

List of all Registrar of Company (ROC) in India along with phone and address. Registrar of Company is responsible for Company or LLP registration in India.